Spins Table Tennis Academy

Come , Learn and Improve!

Coaching Sessions

Sessions are organised on 6 tables. Each session is run by a Level 2 coach licensed by Table Tennis England. As such, we fully meet insurance, DBS and Safeguarding Children requirements.

For beginners and intermediate players, we focus more on technical improvements. This can be achieved through a combination of one-to-one multiball sessions and drills with other similar standard players. As players progress, coaching also includes improvements to matchplay to implement those new skills learnt during the coaching sessions. Players will drill with a variety of partners and the sessions normally end with 10-15 mins of competitive play although individuals can choose to continue to work on technique if they so wish. We also have a table tennis robot that is available for use at sessions.

Multiball sessions are as you would expect. A coach feeds multiple balls one after another to accurately provide the player with a consistent feed of balls. The coach can quickly identify opportunities and vary the type of feed to ensure continual improvement. As players improve the intensity of the ball feed increases and can provide a tough but rapid learning environment.

Drills are organised on the remaining tables and are tailored to the needs of the players. A coach is available to provide feedback and sets drills according to the standard of the players. Players move around different tables and there is always opportunity to play some of the session against better players.


  • Thamal began his table tennis career over 30 years ago in Sri Lanka and won the Sri Lankan Junior National Title in 1984. An outstanding achievement!
  • Thamal qualified as a Level 2 UKCC2 table tennis coach in 2013 and has participated in Herts Junior County coaching sessions and Eastern Region development training sessions in many training centres in and around Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire. As a volunteer Thamal had gained a wealth of experience observing the best coaches in the field.
  • Thamal is the driving force behind Spins Table Tennis Coaching Academy. Together with his equally passionate and dedicated coaching team, he believes that Spins TT Coaching Academy is just the first step to creating a successful and sustainable table tennis coaching presence in Welwyn Garden City.
  • Andrew has played table tennis for over 40 years. He has played at a Premier League level in South Wales, Reading, Basingstoke and currently plays in the SHAW league. During his playing career in South Wales he captained his team to Premier Champions on a number of occasions and represented Cardiff in the Welsh Table Tennis League.
  • Andrew qualified as a Level 2 UKCC2 table tennis coach in 2013 and has participated in junior coaching sessions in Hitchin and St Albans.
  • Andrew continues to improve as a coach by attending coaching sessions led by many other top coaches.