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Welcome to the SPINS Table Tennis Coaching Academy Website. We are a coaching academy which has been running since 2015 supporting the grassroot introduction of Table Tennis in the Welwyn and wider area.

In this website you can find information on our sessions, location and costs as well as some information on our coaching team.


We run 2 sessions on a Tuesday and 2 sessions on a Friday throughout the school term.

We have a maximum attendance of 12 per session on 6 table tennis tables. There are generally 2 qualified table tennis coaches per session.

We also offer combined 2-hour coaching sessions by invitation only.


We charge per half-term so the cost is dependent on the number of sessions in the half term. The cost works out to be aproximately £3.50 per session for Juniors and less than £6.50 per session for Adults.

We also offer adhoc coaching sessions at £5 per session for Juniors and £7 per session for Adults. However, this is dependent on the level of booking and any attendance must be confirmed by SPINS by email or whatsApp to avoid a wasted journey. Pre booked and paid up members take priority over Ad-Hoc bookings.


Due to the popularity of sessions, we cannot offer a, ‘drop in and play’ option. Pre-booking is required. Attendees that pre-book the half term have their places guaranteed. Ad-Hoc bookings are subject to availability and must be confirmed by email or WhatsApp.

We can offer a free taster session subject to availability by contacting us on our email spinstta@gmail.com.

We can provide a suitable, temporary table tennis bat and would recommend trying the club bats so that the coaches can make recommendations prior to purchasing a new one. (The table tennis bat market is very complex with a vast array of choice and cost options).

Table Tennis is an active sport so we recommend shorts (or tracksuit bottoms) and sports shirts. Trainers in the sports hall are compulsory.

Please aim to arrive a few minutes before the start time of the session so that the coaches can organise and start the session on time.

It is the responsibility of parents to organise the drop off and pick up of your child or children. If you do not remain in the hall for the duration of the session please provide the coaches with a contact number in case of emergency.